About Us

DataLab is an initiative of the College of Science at George Mason University, and is housed primarily in the Department of Computational and Data Sciences. DataLab conducts multidisciplinary research and develops solutions on large-scale Data Analytics. Our faculty also provides education and training in Data Science and Data Analytics.

DataLab engages researchers across the College of Science working on Computational and Data Sciences, as well on data-intensive application areas, such as Medical and Life Sciences, Computational Social Sciences, Earth Systems, GeoIntelligence and Transportation.

We aim to partner with Academia and Industry, in a collaborative, diverse, cross-disciplinary environment, to seek and try new ideas for innovation, education and best practices.

Areas of Expertise
  • Big Data management
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data mining
  • Data uncertainty
  • Data Streams
  • Similarity and Patterns
  • Dynamic networks and graphs
  • Spatiotemporal data handling
  • Management of multidimensional data