Data Challenge 2

Patriot Data Challenge

In this competition, undergraduate and graduate students from many different disciplines will create teams and pursue a challenge question relating to a topic or issue with some societal or policy impact. Successful teams will be comprised of students from various fields such as communications, policy, and health with a variety of computational, problem solving, and communications skills.

The winning team in the Patriot Data Challenge will receive $5000.


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Patriot Data Challenge
12/13/17 Challenge Briefing
12/15/17 Questions and Data Available
12/20/17 Team Members Submitted
12/21/17 Questions, Rules, and Datasets sent to teams
01/19/18 Submission Deadline
01/22/18 Judging (runs from 1/22-26 /18)
01/29/18 Awards and Announcement of Mason Representative Team
NVTC Capital Data Summit
University Challenge
02/01/18 Question Released
02/05/18 Preliminary Submission
TBA Final Submission
02/28/18 Present at NVTC Capital Data Summit Conference

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